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Juan Pablo Veiza

Juan-Pablo is the son of immigrants who came to the U.S., worked hard and were able to provide him and his siblings with a better life and education.


He was born in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington, DC on April 3, 1982. His father, Victor, is from Bolivia and his mother, Mary Lou, from Nicaragua. He learned English at school and kept his Spanish live at home.


In 2004, Juan graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University in

Richmond, Virginia with a baccalaureate degree in Business (Marketing

concentration). While attending VCU, Juan continued to showcase and

evolve his talents by participating in university-wide talent

performances, singing and fraternity competitions, and by runway

modeling for VCU Fashion. He spent his first 6 years after graduation working as a business development manager for several associations in Washington D.C.. Recognizing his passion to perform, he attended Washington, DC's Studio Theatre conservatory program from 2006 through 2008.  


In 2009, he joined SAG/AFTRA.  When he decided to commit to Acting as a career, his family was sure that he had what it takes to be successful in the industry. His talent, dedication and bilingualism gave him the opportunity to jump start his career shortly after. He has, since then, made appearances on television shows, box office movies and national commercials all in both English and Spanish speaking roles.


Right now, Juan-Pablo is living one of the happiest moments in his life. He enjoys spending time with his family and his career is headed in the right direction. As time permits, Juan remains an avid athlete in sports and physical fitness. In addition to playing tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball,

football, and Chess in his leisure, Juan volunteers and is a travel enthusiast who enjoys giving back by bringing along luggage filled with toys and clothes to personally give away.

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