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Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe Rodriguez is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and lyricist.  


He has worked on The Apprentice, Make Me a Supermodel, and Bill Moyers' Journal, and been published in Hispanic Business, The World and I, and MovieMaker magazine and currently blogs for LET US NERD.


Through his moniker of HoneyDew546 Productions (the AOL screenname of an ex girlfriend) he has created several projects for the screen.  His major works are FIGHTING NIRVANA, SUSIE IN THE AFTERLIFE, Q TO THE 6 TRAIN, HAVANA IN BUSHWICK, and GODDESS OF TIME.


You can read much more about him on his official website linked here and below.



Gabe Doing What Comes Naturally.

Gabe has unabashedly cited his love of Disney animation as his main influence in becoming a storyteller, and as a result many of his films have a fairy-tale narrative or heightened presentation.  Inspired in part by his admiration for playwright and Disney legend Howard Ashman, he soon tried his hand at songwriting, writing the titular theme song for Q TO THE 6 TRAIN.  HAVANA IN BUSHWICK features two original songs by Gabe: the titular piano-based Bolero and the sensual "Spray Me With Your Sugar."

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A surreal film about a Cuban American...finding himself in Brooklyn. Features English, Spanish, and Russian!


A charming narrator relays to us a simple tale: Garcia is a Cuban American living in Brooklyn.


Feeling culturally displaced and unlucky in love, he is led by a Spaniard muse outside of the realm of cinema.


And that's where the story becomes hard to tell, as Magical Realism takes over. Inanimate objects come to life, images surround us...and yet the story keeps a very Cuban flavor.

Coming April 26th @ Noon Eastern

to DTS Entertainment

Havana in Bushwick

HAVANA IN BUSHWICK marks the first time that Gabe worked with a number of crew-members that became his regular family.  These include cinematographer Clarke Mayer, gaffer/AC Mike DiLorenzo, and editor/animator Dana Glidden.  Gabe says "I consider those three my backbone and the film is as much theirs as my own.  Clarke and Dana never actually met during production, yet their work compliments each other so well.  I hope to continue making films with this same team."  Special thanks also goes to Audrey Lorea, who both produced the film and plays the role of Claudia, and to Dasha Kittredge, who plays the role of the Russian Muse.